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The Wicked Faire Community

Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire V
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Wicked Faire, Wicked events, Voltaire, and general unusual and/or weird intersests and events
The Wicked Faire and Wicked Labyrinth are unorthodox events which take place in the Northeastern United States--specifically, New Jersey. Instead of being about just a few unusual interests--or having unusual things all carefully separated and sterilized--Wicked Events mix everything together for an absolutely unique time.

The Wicked Faire juxtaposes a traditional Renaissance Faire with all kinds of elements not found at your average Renaissance event. We have hosted the long awaited Pirate-Ninja War; found Lovecraftian Beings Beyond Imagination, and are now getting ready for Wicked Winter Faire V: The Mad Tea Party.

(This community is moderated, but we do welcome you. Please join!)