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Goblins! Goblins!
transversecity wrote in wickedfaire
"Goblin, goblin, changeling heart
What do you sell, with cunning art?
And must you take all of my soul?
I can but part with part..."

This year's Wicked Faire is introducing "The Goblin Market", an interactive theatrical experience available to all and sundry.

There are frequent updates over on The Book Of Faces, and tickets are available at the Wicked Faire website.

This is an experiment for us, wherein we try creating a premium event and stock it with Wicked entertainers, interactive cast, and things to do and try. It's quite worth checking out. Do visit the Facebook page - or just ask your questions here! I'd love to talk more about it!

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I'm confused. Is this event part of the Wicked event in February?

Yes, indeed. What part is confusing? :)

The part where I thought it was a freestanding event I could come to even though I am out of town Wicked weekend, alas. Have fun!

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